NASA International Space Apps Challenge: "Top Secret" Problem Statement Refinement Meetup

By Azavea (other events)

Monday, February 18 2013 6:00 PM 8:00 PM

The premier Global MainStage event of NASA's premier hackathon, the International Space Apps Challenge, is coming to Philadelphia and opening PhillyTechWeek on April 20-21, 2013!

NASA has given us a draft list of confidential challenges crafted by scientists at NASA and around the world. We cannot distribute or post them publically, but if you - the select member of the Philly civic tech and science community that you are - come to Azavea's offices *this night only*, we can show them to you! Along with pizza and beer to boot! You have the chance to help us brainstorm and refine and improve the challenges that the Philadelphia hackathon event should work on in April.

NASA has entrusted us examine the challenges, brainstorm, and give feedback on them. They range from tracking satellites, designing and making mini satellites called CubeSats, filming video and science stories, biology, sustainability, crowdsourcing, mapping, and imagery challenges. Which are the most interesting? Which need improvement? Which would be so much cooler with a local Philly twist?

Come hang out with awesome folks - the "in crowd" of Philly's civic hacking, science, STEM, education, and tech communities (you know you're cool) - and help us plan and refine these problems!

Want to know how cool this is? Check out Andrew's blog post on, and Join us!