From Databases and Spreadsheets to Maps

By Azavea (other events)

Wednesday, July 17 2013 12:00 PM 1:00 PM

***Please note that you must register to attend. Registration will close 2 days before this event.***


Learn how to quickly and simply create useful and understandable maps with your data and other relevant datasets freely available.

Maps show funders and constituents areas of need while demonstrating where their support has already made a difference.  They can also reveal where you should target your marketing efforts and areas where your organization’s services could be more effectively utilized . While you are comfortable working with your organization’s datasets, and you understand the usefulness of geographic visualization, you aren’t a mapping wizard but you’d like to know how to make meaningful maps.

Azavea’s Data Services Team will walk you step by step from raw tabular data to creating an understandable map, and explain the basics of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) processes.

During this Lunch & Learn, you will learn how to:

  • format and geocode your data
  • find other relevant datasets
  • get started creating maps with your data

Audience: This Lunch & Learn is for people who already work directly with their organization’s data and have some basic data management skills, including unzipping files, changing field names and types, and exporting as CSV.

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate


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